Leila Jabre Jureidini  

About her work
At a time when sculpture evaporates into pure gesture and found object, few artists are able to conjure up enough life inside inert matter, rather than simply extract it haphazardly. Leila Jabre Jureidini's sculptures, at the expense of an infinite and breathless gravitational field, exhale with ambivalent verticality, in a broad range of expressions varying from neo-classicism to conceptualism. The smooth surfaces, apparently filled with substance, are sometimes concave and alternatively spiraling from solidity into flight and air. Bronze becomes completely malleable and elastic; slabs and cubes of sedimentation concrete appear playful and elegantly embedded with fragile symbols of modern culture - contradiction, commoditization, violence, consumption.Jureidini retrieves the same thread in her paintings and bi-dimensional mixed media works that while still sculptural in nature, remain humorous and open-sourced. The bronze sculptures retain a degree of indebtedness to the high modernist aesthetic, punctuated by an unexpected voluptuousness and freedom. More abstract forms of representation however, in her most recent work, make the viewer forget the gravity of the material and wander away into fantasy


Leila Jabre Jureidini was born in Lebanon in 1963 and is at present based in Beirut.
After studying graphic design at the ESAG in Paris, she attained a degree in fine arts and communications design from Parsons the New School of Design in New York.
Leila also studied sociology and anthropology at the Sorbonne University.She has worked as a designer for many years both in France and in the USA. Since 2008, her work has been included in different shows in London, Paris and Beirut such as Artspot RMB gallery, Beirut Art Fair,  Parallax Art Fair , the XXX and XXXI Salon d’Automne of the Sursock Museum where she received a ‘’Mention spéciale du Jury’’ in 2012. She held the solo exhibition “Fragments” (2012), and took part in the group exhibition “Clin d’oeil” in 2014 with Galerie Janine Rubeiz where her work is permanently exhibited.