Laure Ghorayeb 

About her work
As a witness of the years of the Lebanese Civil War, not only as an artist, but also as a poet and journalist, Laure Ghorayeb obsessively drew the horrors of the war on caricaturesque works that depict personal adventures and the experience of loss through animated but profoundly irreverent abject characters. Excavating history in humorous and often sardonic passages, Ghorayeb quotes history to history itself, using a methodology closer to the cinematic montage than merely collage. Drawings overlaid alongside newspaper cuts, personal notes, photographs, cuts from magazines, scraps of paper, sometimes mere doodling. An accurate surveying of the territory of impossibility called Beirut and its broken voices, shredded between the same newspaper cuts, personal notes, photographs cuts from magazines and scraps of paper. The search for upheaval and freedom through narration is at the heart of an artist who, after publishing a number of works, has moved into more conceptual fields where found materials and embroidery beans become primary elements of an aesthetic aimed to construct a world still a war, still beset by turmoil, still un-free, still held in chains.    


Laure Ghorayeb was born in 1931 in Der El Qamar, Lebanon. The celebrated painter has also worked as a cultural journalist and critic between 1962 through 1979 and more recently after the year 2000. Since 1966, Ghorayeb has participated in a number of personal and collective exhibitions in Lebanon, Europe, Asia and the Arab world: Paris, Baghdad, Alexandria, Germany, Syria, Kuwait, Charka, Oman, Egypt, North Africa, India, Australia, Switzerland, and Algeria. The artist held solo and group exhibitions at Galerie Janine Rubeiz in 1995, 2001 and together with her son Mazen Kerbaj in 2007 and 2010. She took part in “Pinceaux pour Plumes” at Sursock Museum and her work has been showcased in Abu Dhabi Art and Art Dubai. Her work is permanently exhibited at the gallery. In April 2010, she participated in the exhibition “Convergence - New Art from Lebanon”, at the Katzen Art Center of the American University in Washington DC. She has published 4 books :  ”Noir... les bleus » in 1960,   « Une couronne d'épines autour de ses pieds » in 1965, “Temoignage” in 1985 and ’’33 jours’’ in 2007.Her work is permanently exhibited at Galerie Janine Rubeiz.