Antonio Segui 

About his work
One of the most prominent Latin American painters of his generation, Segui is known for his humorous paintings, sculptures and prints, undoubtedly in an expressionist tradition, reflecting a cross pollination between the naive art of the 20th century in Latin America and the tradition of magic realism, endemic to Latin American visual culture and literature. Trained in Europe, however, his years in Spain and France during the 1950s, at the height of the creative drive of the postwar generation, exposed him to the most significant motifs and themes of the most significant artists of his times, after which he returned to Latin America, in order to paint the 'flaneur'; the urbanite of our times, in all his excesses and bourgeois morality, best represented by the caricature. His large sculptures, sometimes seen a site-specific installations, depict the finest 'genre' characters, and the tragic acidity of his sense of humor, inherited from the in-between-the-wars writers and artists of Europe, serves as a narrative strategy to denounce and discuss the horrors of the military dictatorship in his native land, Argentina.The pictorial vocabulary is full of architectural irrationalities and gaps, grasping in full the condition of our contemporaneity.     

Antonio Segui was born in Córdoba, Argentina, in 1934. Since 1963, he has been living in Paris, then in Arcueil, where he held his own workshop and taught at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts of ParisSegui has a track record of over hundred solo exhibitions throughout the world and in Lebanon. His work has been critically presented by some of the most prominent writers in the Spanish world “The Antonio Segui travel” by Marwan Hoss, “Presentation” by José Pedro Pico, “The Return of Antonio Segui”, “Travelers without luggage” Antonio Segui, by Daniel Abadie.He has been the recipient of various prizes and awards and his work has been consistently acquired by public and private collections and museums. At Galerie Janine Rubeiz, he has held three solo exhibitions such as “Un homme dans la ville” in 1995, “ Antonio Seguí à Beyrouth” in 2005 presented by H.E.M Jose Pedro Pico, and “Antonio Seguí” 2014 presented by H.E.M Ricardo Segundo Larriera.