About his work
The interruption of time, or a temporary fissure in its continuity, after the manner of a ruin or a photography, seems to be how Bourgely's paintings operate, almost accidentally assembling debris from an uncreated something, born out of archaeological instinct in a material tapestry. Every day materials become simultaneously lost and found as objects and subjects, building blocks in a memory space that trembles and quivers; space becomes itself  an inverse relationship with space: Gravity disappears and objects fall from nowhere into their own psychic and physical properties. Cycles of narrative life awaken and perforate the fabric of temporality, punctuating it with strange objects and disjointed sequences, architecturally assembled in distant realities with incomprehensible syntax. The artist is seeking to haunt smoothly, to deliberatly expose the haunted in broad day light, creating circumstances under which the transformation of material into life is not a transfiguration between cycles of death and life, but a continuity between histories and objects whose meaning is not closed forever or as yet threatened. Bourgely's omnivorous practice is never dislocated; he is attempting to piece the world together a new.

bourgely was born in Lebanon in 1960. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University and went on to pursue studies in plastic arts at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris and attained a master's degree in Art History at the Sorbonne Paris IV, followed by a DEA and a doctorate. In 1998, Bourgely returned to Lebanon and has taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University where he held the position of head of plastic arts 2010-2011, and art history and multimedia art at the Antonine University. As an artist, Bourgely has held different solo and group exhibitions in France, Belgium, Germany, England and Qatar, Yemen, Algeria, Charja, Morocco and Lebanon. His work has been exhibited twice at the Gentilly biennial in France (1995 & 1998), UNESCO Palace (2001) at the French Cultural Center in Beirut (2008). In 2014, he participated at the group exhibition “Clin d’oeil” at Galerie Janine Rubeiz and is at present working on his first solo exhibition. His work is permanently exhibited at Galerie Janine Rubeiz.