Tiara Ghandour 

About her work
The photographer Tiara Ghandour, almost instinctively led to photography from her engagement with fashion and visual culture, fascinated by the nature of the temporal, began to discover the mysteries of optical transformation. What she sought for and achieved in her photography work was not the location of specific objects or temporal sequences, but a wholly new aesthetics of seeing in which it is the mind and body of the photographer that are transformed through an operation of the eye. More particularly interested in imagination than in documentary or representation, Ghandour has attempted to bring an entire apparatus of lyric and deconstruction inside a wholly visual world which resists these strategies. Formally seeking more expression and significance than mere beauty, Ghandour steadfastly recognizes the grammar of reality breaking down into pieces of fantasy, arresting time and letting the temporal guide her rather than attempting to halt it. 

Tiara Ghandour was born in Lebanon in 1987 and was raised in Beirut. By profession, a stylist and photographer, Ghandour studied fashion design at the Beirut branch of the Parisian Esmod institute, and then traveled to Milan to continue her studies at the Instituto Marangoni. However, her passion for photography has been stronger since she was 17 years. She turned to private lessons in order to perfect her technique then began her photographic adventure from New York to Beijing, Seoul and Dallas. At Galerie Janine Rubeiz, she participated in a group exhibition with the artist Virginie Corm in 2012.