Samir Khaddaj 

Samir Khaddaj was born in 1939 in Lebanon. In 1990, he moved to Paris, where he works and lives at present. He held his first exhibition, aptly titled "Eclats", in 1992, in the exhibition hall of Montreuil, a suburb of Paris, showcasing for the first time his individual representation of Lebanese Civil War. He held different exhibitions in Beirut,at the Carlton Hotel (1989), at the French Cultural Center (1993), an installation-exhibition at Unesco Palace (1999), and an installation-exhibit “Satyricon” in the war-ravaged Dome building in downtown Beirut (2002)., In collaboration with Galerie Janine Rubeiz, the artist held his retrospective exhibition at the Beirut Exhibition Center (2011) and presented the show “Mondanites” (2012) at the gallery.