Elsie Haddad 

About her work
Intrigued by the kind of story telling that the controlled accident on the camera enables, Haddad has a strong documentary interest with a focus on human stories and the vaults of memory - cultural objects, places, moments in time, that have witnessed spatial-temporal sequences, translated onto almost fragmentary surfaces. The artist is endlessly curious about objects in transition or undergoing change and transformation, metamorphosis and decay. How to grasp transition - motion across these sequences of the temporal, armed with nothing but a lens? Her interest in the reconstruction of Beirut led her to find places and narratives pre-dating the war in order to document this almost vanishing temporal moment, swimming against the tide of grand spaces and clean aesthetics of the reconstruction project. Documentation means for Haddad also a meticulous elaboration of space, mapping simultaneously a foregone history and a thriving social dynamic. 


Elsie Haddad is a Lebanese photographer based in Beirut. She studied photography at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik and while still at university, she worked in different photography projects leaning towards documentary. In 2006, Haddad began a workshop teaching photography for kids in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon; subsequently the project developed to become an exhibition and a book.

Later she became a member of the Visual and Performing Arts Association, offering photography workshops and participating in different projects and cultural activities aimed towards the resolution of social issues.

Since 2010, Elise is part of a photography collective, working on themes of transformation and changes in modern Lebanese society. Her work was exhibited in the group show "On Fleeting Grounds" at Galerie Janine Rubeiz in 2013. She has taken part in a photography workshop in Berlin, and her project was exhibited at Ostkreuz School of Photography and in the offices of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit in Berlin in early 2014.