Laura Pharaon 

About her work
Dematerializing the painting from formal content, Laura Pharaon's main interest lies in the fragile materials of contemporary life, withdrawing from the objective world, attempting to survey it entirely from the perspective of everyday objects and sculpting into her conceptual paintings, an emotional life which otherwise is ignored or at best derided in representation. Pharaon, nevertheless, is not an artist of ready-mades, the surfaces are smooth and composite, amalgamating all these elements into a type of mapping or memory site. Different layers of precariousness overlap with aesthetic arrangements that are by no means haphazard; the paper and wax, coal and ash, and finally paint among others, are not meant to simply appear, they are composed, recomposed and configured into an extended whole, dissolving as soon as it has appeared in the structure.     

Laura Pharaon was born in Paris in 1985 and currently lives in Lebanon. A Parsons graduate, receiving her BFA in 2009, she also holds a master's degree in new media from ALBA, where she is teaching at present, in the visual arts department. She works across mixed media, installation, photography and video, using a variety of materials and processes, including paper, rags, gravel, coal, ashes, wax, ink, paint and residues embodied in each work to represent figures of dissolution. Since 2011, she has been included in different group shows and in 2014 she was part of “Nostalgic Imagery”, an exhibition curated by Baks/Art concepts and Galerie Janine Rubeiz where her work is permanently exhibited.