Chafa Ghaddar


Chafa Ghaddar was born in 1986 in Lebanon and at present lives in Beirut. Ghadar holds a bachelor's degree in fine arts and a master's degree in visual arts, both from ALBA .In 2012 she attended an intensive course in Fresco and traditional painting in Florence, Italy.
For the last four years, she has been developing a career in wall painting and surface treatment. The city of Beirut, her birthplace, plays a leading role in her artistic work, based on photography, drawing, painting and surface treatment.
The artist has participated in different collective exhibitions such as "Exposure 2012" at Beirut Art Center, "Journeys through our Heritage" at Beirut Exhibition Center (2013) and at Galerie Janine Rubeiz:  "On Fleeting Grounds" (2013) and “Nostalgic Imagery” (2014), an exhibition curated by Baks/Art concepts and Galerie Rubeiz, where her work is permanently exhibited. 


About her work: 

Working through subtle works on paper, almost immaterial, her complex techniques applied on prints leave traces of the original image in the viewer's mind that through strategies of replacement and vanishing, become more real and actual than a mental image or casual observation. Applying traditional techniques of fresco and painting, she reaches a sublime site of vague consciousness with almost definite cinematic qualities; forgetting as motion.
Always immersed in Beirut, the unlikely landscapes and quotidian situations become more real through the distance created exclusively by means of material, blurring the narrative content into a lyric.
Almost fleeing from physical space, her architectures appear simultaneously obsolete and haunting.

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