Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2014

November 05, 2014 to November 08, 2014
Collective - by Charles Khoury | Laure Ghorayeb | Joseph Harb | Huguette El Khoury Caland | Hanibal Srouji | Alain Vassoyan | Jamil Molaeb
Manarat Al Saadiyat - Saadiyat Cultural District - Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2014

A tribute from Beirut to Abu Dhabi

Our theme for this edition of Art Abu Dhabi 2014 is conceived under theme of: 
“A message of peace and prosperity”, with a tribute to the people of the Gulf in general and the dear brothers and sisters in the AUE in particular. A tribute form Beirut through the artist of the gallery Janine Rubeiz to Abu Dhabi.

A selection of the artists of the Gallery voicing allowed peace and harmony between nations, new positive visions of the future and cultural exchanges among nations.

Our booth will present a work relating Beirut by Huguette Caland,a tribute to the landscape through the work  “Desert I” painting by Hanibal Srouji, a Sculpture by Ghassan Ghazal “Beirut”, homage to the Lebanese city, another by Alain Vassoyan  “New born City” and “Woodcut” prints by Jamil Molaeb in praise of the celebration of life, ‘’Centre’’ a box of Alfred Tarazi, Memory boxes and totems of Joseph Harb, works around the dynamics of the city also by Rim el Jundi, three dimensional works by Charles Khoury also celebrating the common traditions in the Arab world, and finally a colorful work by Laure Ghorayeb addressing a message of peace, form our countries, both small physically on a map, but with people of great hearts to shining on the whole world.

Hanibal Srouji