Shirin Abu Shaqra & Ali Cherri - Some Body To Love

October 02, 2013 to October 25, 2013
Solo by Ali Cherri
Galerie Janine Rubeiz

Shirin Abu Shaqra & Ali Cherri - Some Body To Love


Hybridity refers, in its most basic sense, to the concept of mixture. Hybrid bodies blur binaries: self/other; subject/object; interior/exterior; cultural/ natural; authentic/inauthentic; and mental/physical. And when two hybrids come together, they generate a new world, a "third space", simply as a consequence of their co-existence.

Desire allows us to vanquish our bodily frontier and propels us to the encounter. By looking at the feeling of desire as a productive force rather than as a longing for something we lack, we reevaluate our everyday exchanges between bodies (human and non-human) and identify them as a will to connect. The use of technology is perceived as an act of desire, which originated with the development of language, one of the first technologies.

SOME BODY TO LOVE is hybridity becoming perceptible to the human eye. It is a look at the human body not as one, whole, impermeable body, but rather as a multiple, radically open body. These bodies are invaded, shared, emptied and flattened out, but they are not bodies to be feared.